Buffet Service

We have a full assortment of buffet service items to accommodate even the most complex buffet. Our attractive chafers will keep your food warm. Heat lamps can be added in support of carving stations and all the necessary serving tools are available for both. Beverage service items can be provided including coffee makers, silver servers and pitchers. Should there be a need to keep things very cool, we carry ice chests and coolers of various shapes and sizes.

Beverage Service

Item Price
55 Cup Coffee Maker $22.00
101 Cup Coffee Maker $25.00
50 Cup Polished Stainless Urn $50.00
64oz. Insulated Pitcher (White) $4.00
Plastic Pitchers (Clear) 2.00
Glass Water Pticher $3.00
5 Gallon Insulated Beverage Server $15.00

Chafers & Lamps

Item Price
Stainless 8Qt. Chafing Dish (Rect) $24.00
Stainless 4Qt. Chafing Dish (Round) $20.00
Stainless 15Qt Soup Tureen (Round) $30.00
Extra Pans $2.00
Heat Lamp Carving Station $30.00

Silver Service

Item Price   Item Price
12" Round Tray $6.50   Coffee Server $8.00
14" Round Tray $7.50   Creamer $4.00
16" Round Tray $9.50   Sugar $4.00
18" Round Tray $10.50   Water Ptcher $8.00
18"x30" Rectangular Tray $13.50   Champagne Bucket $8.00
13",15",17" 3-Tier Silver Stand $12.00   3 qt Queen Anne Chafer $22.00

Serving Utensils

Item Silver Price   Item Stainless Price
Serving Spoon $6.00   Long Spatula $3.00
Serving Fork $6.00   Tongs $3.00
Cake Server $6.00   Carving Knife $3.00
Pastry Tongs $6.00   Carving Fork $3.00
Salad Tongs $6.00      


Item Price
Keg Super Cooler $20.00
Ice Chest 38qt (HoldsĀ  2 Cases) $9.00
Ice Chest 120qt (HoldsĀ  6 Cases) $25.00
4' Table-top Insulated Salad Bar $35.00