Cooking Equipment

We can provide a full line of cooking and catering equipment in support of your on-site cooking needs. All of our ovens, grills and boilers are fueled by either propane or butane. We will supply the appropriate number of fuel tanks to meet the demand of the units.

Stoves, Fryers & Ovens

Item Price
Commercial 4 Burner Stove w/ Oven $250.00
Commercial Convection Oven $350.00
Commercial Deep Fryer $160.00
Counter Top Convection Oven $50.00
Butane Tabletop Burner $20.00

Grilling & Steaming

Item Price
3' x 24" Propane Grill $90.00
6' x 24" Propane Grill $175.00
Optional Griddle Attachment $35.00
Pot Boiler $54.00
60Qt. Stock Pot w/Lid $29.00
Basket $8.00
40lb Propane Tank $42.00

Warming Cabinets

Item Price
5' Sterno Proof Cabinet $150.00
6' Bakers Rack $55.00
Full Size Sheet Pans $2.50
1/4 Size Sheet Pans $1.25