Table Setting

The table settings can be the focal point of your party. The appropriate linens, china, silver or stainless flatware, glassware and serving items all add to the overall appearance of the table and can create an elegant and functional arrangement for your guests. Our table settings items are all constructed of the finest materials and are, of course, beautifully maintained for your event. We will be happy to assist you in the ordering process to be sure that you have the appropriate quantity and assortment of each item. Please call us during the planning stage.


Ivory w/Gold Rim or Classic White Price   Square Rim White Price
12" Dinner Platter $12.00/10   10.5" Dinner Plate $10.00/10
10" Dinner Plate $9.00/10   8.5" Salad or Dessert Plate $10.00/10
9" Luncheon Plate $9.00/10   6.5" Bread & Butter Plate $10.00/10
7" Salad or Dessert Plate $9.00/10      
5" Bread & Butter Plate $9.00/10   Mixed Antique China   
Soup Bowl $9.00/10   10" Dinner Plate  $12.50/10 
Coffee Cups $9.00/10   7" Salad or Dessert Plate  $12.50/10 
Saucers $9.00/10   5" Bread & Butter Plate  $12.50/10 
*Demitasse Cups & Saucers $1.00/ea      
Mugs $1.20/ea      
Creamer $2.00/ea      
Sugar Bowl $2.00/ea      


Ballard Silver Flatwear Price   Chalet Stainless Flatware Price
Dinner Knife $10.00/10   Dinner Knife $8.50/10
Dinner Fork $12.50/10   Dinner Fork $8.50/10
Salad or Dessert Fork $12.50/10   Salad or Dessert Fork $8.50/10
Teaspoon $12.50/10   Teaspoon $8.50/10
Soup Spoon $12.50/10   Soup Spoon $8.50/10
Bread & Butter Knife $12.50/10   Bread & Butter Knife $8.50/10
      Demitasse Spoons $8.50/10


Item   Quanity Price   Item   Quanity Price
8.5 oz. Wine Glass Rack of 25 $17.50   12oz. Pilsner Each $1.20
12oz. Wine Glass Each $1.20   11oz. Hi Ball Glass Rack of 36 $25.20
15oz. Stem-less Wine Glass Each $1.20   10.5oz. Old Fashion Rack of 25 $17.50
5.75oz. Flute Champagne Each $1.20   Punch Cups Each $0.75
11oz. Water Goblet All Purpose. Rack of 25 $17.50   Irish Coffee Mugs Each $1.20
12oz. Brandy Each $1.25   Cordial Glass Each $1.00
11oz. Martini/Cocktail Glass Each $1.35   16oz Mason Jar w/Handle Each $0.85
12oz. Margarita/Cocktail GlassĀ  Each $1.35